The hindu god Ganesha is the starting point for spirituality and for the index page of as well.

Introduction to Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed god, remover of obstacles and creator of internal balance.

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All worship in the Hindu tradition begins with the invocation of the elephant-headed god.

Many stories describe how he got the elephant head. In one it is Shiva who accidentily cut of his head. In another, it fell off because Saturn looked at him. In both cases, an elephant head was the most easily available replacement.

Ganesha rides a rat that represents the subjugated demon of vanity and impertinence.

Acceptance of the somewhat funny looking elephant god as the divine force stills the rational mind and it's doubts, forcing one to look beyond outer appearances. He thus creates the faith to remove all obstacles.

Meditation on the Yantra of this deity creates internal balance.

Click here to hear the Ganesha mantra online

Ganesha Teaching Poster.

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