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The Sounds of the Chakras CD
The seed & petal sounds produce subtle effects on the chakras

Chakras Sounds CD - click for a larger imageThe first part of this recording includes both instruction and the actual intonations for each chakra. A final section of the recording repeats only the intonations, so that you can hear the full sequence without interruption.

The particular sounds given for chakra meditation are those that energize each of the psychic centers respectively. Harish Johari begins by chanting the "Petal" sounds of the first chakras -those sounds that energize the ganglia of this chakra plexus. The petal sounds are followed by the bija, or essential "seed" sound of the first chakra. This same sequence is then repeated for chakras two, three, four, five, and six.

Tantric scholar, artist, composer, and author of numerous books for Westerners on the spiritual practices of India, Harish Johari explains and demonstrates the correct intonation of sounds to accompany meditation on the six chakras, or psychic centers, of the body.

The chakras are subtle centers of transformation located within the cerebrospinal system. According to Hindu tradition, all fifty sounds of the Sanskrit language exist within the chakras of the human body. When we speak, we do so not only through the vocal cords and throat, but also through the articulation of the chakras.

The sounds of the chakras should be practiced in a comfortable posture, preferably seated on a mat or rug of organic material, with a lighted candle or oil lamp in the room. Each of the petal sounds is chanted once, pausing for a deep breath between sounds; the bija "seed" sound may be chanted three or more times.

This audiocassette may be used on its own or, ideally, as a companion to Harish Johari's book Chakras, which includes detailed information on each of the chakras and additional techniques for chakra meditation.

Harish Johari
Destiny Recordings
58:43 min



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