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Mavis GevantMavis Gewant is an artist, mother and teacher. She studied the ancient techniques of yantra painting and silk deity painting from Tantric Master, Shri Harish Johari, as his student and personal assistant for more than twenty years, and he encouraged her to teach this knowledge.

Mavis has illustrated Dadaji's last book, The Planet Meditation Kit, which contains yantras and mantras of all the planets. A student of Jyotish and an experienced teacher of many subjects, her sadhana consists of painting yantras and deities and helping others through this transformational art form.

Yantras, which are her specialty, are geometric centering instruments, used to awaken the energy of various deities and planets and to make contact with our inner being. This dynamic, creative form of meditation has been used for centuries as a tool for actualizing latent potentials. Mavis will guide the selecting, constructing and painting of the appropriate Yantra for each student. You do not need to be an artist or painter to enjoy this workshop. Our focus will be on the inner process, in an atmosphere charged with concentration, introspection and inspiration. More information on yantras.

You can always call Mavis at +1.845.687.7692 for further details on painting classes and a list of materials needed.

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