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Leela : States of being in the chakras
The universal play of cosmic energy

Leela gameOur existence is not only on one level, but on many levels (lokas) at the same time. Each of the 72 squares of the Leela game board represents an aspect of human consciousness or inner state of being which - when explained and understood in the light of chakras (the subtle energy centers of transformation) - will lead to great insight and progress on the path toward spirituality. The book "Leela, The Game of Self-Knowledge" by Harish Johari, based upon the age-old "Gyan Chaupad" game designed by seers and saints, describes the various levels of energy in great detail.

Leela, the divine game, is played out on 8 lokas (the sanskrit term "loka" refers to a division of the universe, a plane of existence, or level of being). Seven lokas are connected with the seven major chakras, through which an individual must pass before reaching the eighth plane, which is beyond all planes, the level of Cosmic Consciousness, the essence of pure Being and Bliss. The basic knowledge of the chakras and their particular characteristics enables us to determine where we are vibrating at any given moment. Each loka is a state of being in the process of inner growth. An overview of all these states can be found on the individual chakra pages that are accessible from the general introduction on chakras.

Pieter Weltevrede started to undertake the task of creating visuals in wash painting technique for each of those 72 levels of existence in 2003. This project will keep him engaged for most probably a couple of years and its progress is shown on this page:

If you would like to know more about chakras, then click on "The Seven Chakras".

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