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Ardhnarishvara Yoga Poster for Teaching
Yoga poster by Pieter Weltevrede

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This Ardhnarishvara yoga poster created especially for teaching is based on the Ardhnarishvara 2 painting by Pieter Weltevrede, that is also available as a poster without texts.

The poster gives a general introduction to Arhnraishvara as well as an explanation for the main attributes of this deity :

"The Hindu deities Shiva and Shakti constitute this hermaphroditic deity that is half male, half female.
This deity shows that truth is not only available from either the male or the female side.
Truth needs both approaches, ratio and intuition, thought and emotion,
sun and moon, introspection and action.

Male, Solar, Rational

Female, Lunar, Emotional

The Lotus
symbolizes purity and beauty.
As individual Consciousness,
it grows in the mud of Life
but remains unstained by it.

The Staff
is used to control the elephant of Intellect
which can be overly independent ,
moving in its own intoxication of knowledge.

The Tigerskin
represents the conquered mind.

The Mudra
as formed by one hand of Shiva,
grants fearlessness.

The Snakes
are the tamed passions.

The Trident
symbolizes the balance
of the forces of creation,
preservation and
destruction, as well as that
of the 3 aspects of consciousness :
cognition, conation and affection.

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