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The Role of Asana in Yoga Poster
Yoga teaching poster by Pieter Weltevrede

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This Asana poster created especially for teaching centers is based on the Bhagiratha Austerities painting by Pieter Weltevrede, that is also available as a poster without texts.

The poster gives various extracts from scriptures on the importance and role of asana (posture) in yoga :

The body should be trained
to be in a state of motionlessness
for a prolonged time
without discomfort or pain
Nadabindu Upanishad 3.3.1.

In Samadhi all senses cease to function
and the body remains motionless
like a piece of wood.
Nadabindu Upanishad 3.3.2.

The three worlds are conquered
by him who masters posture.
Trishikhi Brahmopanishad, section 52.

For purification of the body
and for attaining success in Yoga,
posture is absolutely necessary.
Rudrayamalatantra, part 2.24, 38-39.

One who combines concentration
with physical control
achieves succes and becomes immortal.
Ishopanishad 9 - 11.

If it is not possible to master all asanas,
master only one and be comfortable with it.
Shandilyopanishad 1.3.12-13.

By the practice of posture
the body becomes disease-free,
firm and efficient.
Grahayamalatantra, ch. 2.

The yogi should use his body
as the lower piece of wood
and pranava as the upper piece and
strike them against each other untill
the fire of realization kindles
and he realizes the supreme being.
Shvetashvataropanishad 1.14

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