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Shiva and Shakti in the Brain 1
Shiva and Shakti in the Brain - by Heidi Rauhut

This painting is made from an original composition drawn by Harish Johari illustrating the two hemispheres of the brain that represent the rational and the emotional sides of the brain. The right hemisphere is symbolized by Shakti and the left hemisphere by Shiva, the female and male principle, synonymous of the rational and the emotional aspects of human consciousness. The two hemispheres are the background for the two figures. In the middle is shown a cobra, synonymous of the lower brain, the reptile brain or the cobra-brain, as it is called. Above the head of the cobra is a triangle in which shines the pine-cone of the pineal gland. Above the triangle are a crescent and a dot (bindu), which is synonymous of the corpus callosum, the empty hollow space between the two hemispheres. This painting was used as a cover to some language versions of the Swar Yoga Book.

See the "Yoga of the Brain" teaching poster or read more about Shiva and Shakti.

Closeup of a detail of the painting


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Heidi Rauhut
(sketch by Harish Johari)
High-grade paper
Harish Johari Wash Painting Technique

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