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Brain & Yoga Poster for Teaching
Yoga of the Brain poster by Heidi Rauhut

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This Brain & Yoga Poster created especially for teaching is based on the Shiva & Shakti in the Brain painting by Harish Johari & Heidi Rauhut, that is also available as a poster without texts.

It shows the various parts of the brain according to the Tantric tradition, their scientific name, their principal relevance and their relation to various kinds of yoga.

Shakti Brain (Right hemisphere) - Female/Emotional/Lunar/Visual - Influenced by Yantra Yoga.

Shiva Brain (Left hemisphere) - Male/Rational/Solar/Verbal - Influenced by Mantra Yoga

Third Eye (Pineal gland) - Center of Intuïtion and Bliss - Influenced by Tratak-Meditation

Reptile Brain (Brain stem) - Breathing and biological functions - Influenced by Pranayama

The Cave (Corpos callossum) - Center of consciousness in Samadhi - Final stage of all yoga

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