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6th Chakra Teaching Poster :
The Lunar Plane

This yoga poster created especially for teaching is based on the Lunar Plane painting by Pieter Weltevrede, that is also available as a poster without texts.

In the sixth chakra person, a balance is established between the male, solar principle and the female, lunar principle. Female energies of the Lunar Plane (Ganga) focus on preservation, enjoyment, healing, protection, agriculture, meditation, etc... and are magnetic in nature. As long as one identifies with either male or female energies, one cannot accept one's true dual nature. The task is to identify with the witness consciousness established in the 6th chakra, that is neither male not female. Balancing of the Ida (Lunar) and Pingala (Solar) nadis offers a practical technique to create harmony between male and female energies. Ganga is one of the 3 holy rivers that meet at Prayag-Raj (in Allahabad) and a goddess that brings one of the most constructive kinds of energy.

Closeup of a detail of the painting

These states of Being in the Chakras are more fully described in the "Leela Game of Self-Knowledge", from where the above text was synthesized.

Other States of Being in the Chakras

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